Adult Laser Tag is Great for Happy Hour in Austin

The New Happy Hour in Austin is Adult Laser Tag

When the term “happy hour” originated, it started in the early 1900’s with the United States Navy having events such as dancing or boxing matches. It was a way to come together and enjoy entertainment.

That same type of festive fun is quickly becoming the new happy hour in Austin with fun group activities like adult laser tag.

Laser Tag for Adults is Growing in Popularity

Laser tag is a great way to get rid of stress after a long, tough day of working. The challenges that the games provide can be fun and memorable. And if you and your friends are becoming laser tag aficionados, there are advanced games to further test your skills. This can be a great way to meet up every day or once a week with friends to have fun and be active.

And if you have kids, this is an ideal happy hour to include them in the fun. Father and son duos can challenge other father and son duos, or moms and daughters, or any combination you choose. The more players you have for a game, it is easier to create a team. Fewer than 15 players are considered a solo game at Blazer Tag and the scores are individual.

How Laser Tag Works

If you have never played laser tag before, it’s easy to learn. Think of hide-and-go-seek, but with a futuristic phaser that allows you to tag people and score credits. Games are 15 minutes long and during that time, players score 25 points for each time they tag an opponent, but can lose five points if they are tagged.

There are also special powers, such as rapid fire that allows a player to have continuous laser fire and tag opponents faster. Players can also earn extra energy to prevent from being deactivated.

Blazer Tag in Austin is the largest laser tag arena in Texas with three stories of towers and ramps to create an exciting game. Along with group activities for adults like laser tag, there’s also the Austin Sky Trail and our arcade to give variety for anyone wanting to meet up after work.




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