“Best Laser Tag venue I’ve ever seen. Had a ton of fun with coworkers, and I think it would be best with a large group. Huge arena with some very fun nuanced rules.” – Jared J. April 2019

“Blazer Tag is truly an Austin establishment, and one of the most awesome places to have fun in all of Texas.

The game itself is challenging and satisfying. I’ve been coming to Blazer Tag for 20 years and still visit once a week with a group of my friends. After all these years the game is still super fun, and is perfect for a party and for groups of all ages and sizes. The staff is super friendly as well. I cannot recommend this place enough to anyone looking for a good workout, a strategic game to play, or even just a nice dose of nostalgia.” -Lewis K. March 2019

“Just fantastic – the PERFECT place to have my 9-year-old’s birthday party this weekend! I really expected to have to do more and turns out, I really didn’t even need to bring what I did (party plates, napkins, etc). The party hosts even saw us heading to the door with big ol presents and such and helped us get everything up to the room and then back to car after party was done. First game was twenty minutes in and second game was forty minutes in…corralling all the kids (how did they know who was who? I have no clue) back for pictures, a fun parade where our kiddo had the chance to win 1000 tickets (spoiler..didn’t happen, lol) and back for pizza (which was actually edible), soda and cake. It was so smooth and all the folks working there were actually interested in making it fun for the kids – not just a bunch of bored teenagers. The party went by so fast but was worth every penny. Definitely do the extra tokens, as they go fast (most games are around 4 tokens) but a super fun, low stress way to throw a kids’ party!”- Janice J April, 2019

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