Corporate Events for Your Team

Companies are frequently planning corporate events and are often looking for a way to bring a team of employees together, whether it is for a holiday, team building, or a celebration. Planning a corporate event is a tremendous task of deciding where the event should be held, what kind of activities should take place, and the goal of the event.

There are a variety of venues and activities in Austin for company gatherings. The ideal way to manage a well-planned event is to start from the beginning, go step-by-step, and remember tips that can be helpful during the process.

Define the Budget

Before the planning begins, know exactly how much is available to spend for the event. As the planning takes place, ask about all costs and if there are any additional fees at a venue. It also never hurts to negotiate pricing. Some venues are firm on pricing, but some may be flexible on price or throw in a few extra perks.

Also keep in mind the smaller incidentals that go along with the event, such as handouts, invitations, or signs. These items can add up quickly and if not monitored, they can take up a significant portion of the budget.

The Right Space for the Right Event

Every detail about the space will set the tone for the event. Think about what type of event you will host. Any event, internal or external, should have a goal.

If it is an external event for clients, the venue and activities will send a message about your company and you want to make sure it’s the right message. Determine with an external event if you are trying to build new business or foster relationships. Strengthening relationships will call for a more social event.

Internal events depend on the purpose. If it is a corporate team building activity, there should be strategy to the activities that can help your team build morale and relationships. A celebration rewarding a team for its success does not necessarily have to have activities and can be more relaxed.

A venue such as an adult laser tag arena, arcade, or a ropes course can provide entertainment and fun team building activities.

Creative Ideas for Corporate Events

A key to a great event is to make it memorable. Think about some of the events you attended and what you liked or didn’t like. If the gathering is like any other you have been to, it may be fun but not a time that you will remember after a year or so.

Get creative! Following tradition and what has always been done is fine for a certain get together, but if you want the attendees to have a great experience they will keep talking about, find a venue or activity that is unique.

For example, if the group gathering is an after-work event, rethink the traditional happy hour time and activities by doing something fun, such as adult laser tag. There are also other ideas like an arcade challenge among attendees. Consider the people who will be in attendance and make sure there are activities for everyone to feel included.

Planning an Event on Short Notice

Not every event has to have weeks or months of preparation. That could be the case if a company wants to throw a celebration event for reaching a goal or as a thank you for hard work.

The first step is if the event is outside the office, and it should be to set the right tone, pick up the phone and call venues to determine availability, and don’t forget to consider cost and if there could be any fees associated with a last-minute booking. Some venues may be eager to book and offer a reduced price.

Get Help With Planning

Once you have the beginning details outlined, such as the type of event and budget, ask the venue if there are people on staff who can help you do the planning. There are many venues that can help you customize the event to fit your purpose and size of group. This can relieve you of many of the tasks and help to ensure you are not forgetting some of the details.

Often, the venue you select for your corporate events has staff dedicated to helping you plan your event. From selecting the appropriate space to reserve, to asking questions and planning activities that will make the party fun for everyone, they can be a big help to you in planning the event.

Knowing if the Event Was a Success

The best way to know if an event was successful is to follow up soon after the event is held. Get feedback and solicit suggestions for what could be done differently in the future. If the corporate event was external, take a look at social media. What is posted can give you a sense of how people felt while attending. The easiest way to track this is to give the event a unique hashtag for easier searching.

Austin’s Unique Corporate Events Venue

When planning an event, think different. At Blazer Tag, home of the largest laser tag arena in Texas, our team has hosted a variety of different types of corporate party events. Whether the group is big or small, locally-based or headquartered elsewhere, our corporate event planning team will plan the right activities and take care of the details. Contact our team at 512-462-0202 to let us help you have one of the most unique and entertaining corporate events.

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