Who doesn’t love saving money? Become a member & receive discounted laser tag games, plus you’ll earn cool rewards while having fun! 

Annual Membership Fee: $14.95 ($5 for annual renewal)

Membership Benefits:

  • A membership can pay for itself in just 3 visits! Get discounts when you play laser tag ($1 off 1 game, $3.99 off a 2 game package, $5.98 off a 3 game package)
  • One free game of laser tag emailed to you when you become a member
  • Exclusive invitations to members only games and events
  • Frequent promotional coupons

Blazer Tag Tips & Tricks for all players:

  • I-Shot (Invulnerable-Shot): Your pack will blink lights for 6 seconds when you have been tagged (downtime). When your lights come on solid, your pack’s computer will turn on the “trigger program” 1/3 of a second before turning on the “receive tag” program. This allows you to fire one to three shots before being tagged.
  • Use Your Credits: This one may seem overly obvious but in the heat of a great game it is often forgotten.
    * Rapid Fire for 1 credit is a deal if you don’t have a fast trigger finger.
    * Mega Power for 2 credits is powerful because it does “double damage” in both points and energy to your opponent (they lose 10 points and 2 energy instead of 5 points and 1 energy).
    * Energy for 3 credits is equal to tagging another player (points wise) and prevents or delays you from being deactivated.
    Note: Don’t forget – you get 10 points for every credit you spend on any GEM.
  • Downtime: You have 6 seconds of “downtime” after you have been tagged. Use this time to position yourself and use your I-Shot. Overlooked more often is when you tag someone else. This doesn’t give you 6 seconds to stand around. It gives you 5 seconds to try to tag other opponents or to spend your credits. Why 5? Because that remaining second will be needed to try and dodge the incoming tag from that player you tagged 6 seconds ago. Perfect your timing and you will rule the arena.What is a Blazer Tag Handicap?
    Every time you use your membership when you play a game, your performance is tracked to determine your handicap and your rank. If you rank in the top half of the players at the end of the game, your handicap goes down which is good thing. If you rank in the bottom half of the players, your handicap goes up, which is bad thing. If your handicap is a 0.5 then you will start the game with 0.5 (or 50%) of the Ammo, Energy and Lives than non-members. You will also receive 0.5 (or 50%) of the benefits and/or time a power lasts from the GEMs. Hence – you are handicapped to make the game more challenging for you and more fair for a non-member.