Laser Tag

Laser tag is a high-tech form of hide-and-go-seek for adventurers ages 7 to 97. Check out a video of how to play laser tag.

Blazer Tag is the largest laser tag arena in Texas and features three actual stories of towers and ramps to create an ultimate adrenaline rush.

Players carry a futuristic phaser to tag opponents with a visible, laser light beam and score points. At the end of the game, each player receives a card with his or her score, hit-to-shot ratio, rank, and winning team.

Safety Rules

  • No running
  • No climbing
  • No physical contact with other players
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Always keep both feet on the floor. No kneeling or crawling.

Starting a Laser Tag Game

  • Check your game ticket for your game time and listen to the intercom for your game to be called. When your game is called, line up at the Briefing Room door.
  • In the Briefing Room, you will receive playing instructions and the rules of the game. During the game, there will be a “marshal” in the arena to supervise, maintain the quality and safety of the game, and assist if you have any questions.
  • After the briefing, go to the Vesting Room to pick up your gear. Your ticket has your pack number that can be found on the wall. Place the lightweight vest over your shoulders, snap the side straps together, and grab your phaser.
  • When you are ready, go into the Arena. When the music starts, it’s game on!
  • Hold the phaser with both hands and press both buttons on the phaser to fire!
  • If there are 14 or fewer players, it will be a solo game so tag anyone you see! With 15 or more players, you are on the red, blue, or green team. Look at the color of the lights on your vest and point your laser beam to tag everyone who has lights that are a different color from yours.
  • Once tagged, a player is deactivated and cannot tag anyone or be tagged by another opponent for six seconds. But after six seconds are up, it’s fair game to be tagged again!
  • Track your progress by looking at the display on the back of your phaser. The screen will display a variety of messages throughout the game, such as who tagged you and whom you tagged, plus the following:
    • Energy – One energy point is lost every time you are tagged. If you lose all your energy, you are deactivated for 10 seconds and lose one life. Once the 10 seconds is over, you reactivate with new ammo and energy.
    • Ammo – Each player begins the game with 1,000 ammo per life.
    • Lives – Each player begins with 20 lives. Every time you run out of ammo or energy, you lose a life.
    • Credits – Each time you tag an opponent, you earn one credit. Credits can be used to obtain special power from the GEMs.
    • Points – Each time you tag an opponent, you earn 25 points, but you lose 5 points each time you are tagged.
    • Rank – Keep track of your ranking throughout the game.
  • Eight GEMs are located on the walls throughout the arena. When tagged, the GEMs give you special powers for short periods. To receive the special powers, you must earn credits to exchange for the GEM. Each GEM displays how many credits needed to receive the special power. But beware! The GEMs also play an interactive role in the game. If a GEM detects someone walking by, the GEM begins a three second count down and once it reaches zero, it will tag anyone within 15 feet! You must hide or tag the GEM before it reaches zero.
    • Special Powers
      • Rapid Fire – Tag opponents with continuous laser fire as you press and hold the trigger.
      • Mega Power – Tagging someone with this power deducts 10 points from that opponent, instead of five.
      • Extra Energy – Boosts energy to help you from being deactivated.
    • Games are 15 minutes, with a five-minute brief. When the game ends, go back to the Vesting Room and place your equipment back in the same pack holder. Remember to pick up your scorecard at the front counter to devise a plan of attack for your next game!

Game Descriptions

Public Games: Solo Blazer Tag

14 or fewer players

These games are the most exciting of all! There’s not teaming up, so you are on your own! If you see something move, tag it! Each game is identical in how it is played, except the GEMs change locations.

Tagging a player gets you 25 points and 1 credit. Each player begins with 1,000 in ammo, 25 in energy, and 80 lives.

Public Games: Team Blazer Tag

15 or more players

These three games are the most popular for group events! Players are divided into blue, green, and red teams. The team earns points by tagging players who have different colored lights on their vests. Each game is identical in how it is played, except the GEMs change locations.

When the game is over, each player receives a scorecard with personal statistics and the total points for each team. Tagging a player gets you 25 points and 1 credit. Each player begins with 1,000 in ammo, 25 in energy, and 80 lives.

Advanced Games

Take your game to the next level!

Once you have mastered the public games and played at least five games of Blazer Tag, you can test your skills in the Advanced Games. A complete list of Advanced Games is located on the bulletin board near the party counter.

Advanced Games are offered on Thursdays at 4:40 p.m. and 5:20 p.m.