group events in cold weather

The Best Place to Have Group Events for Adults in Cold Weather

Cold weather does not stick around for long in Austin, but when it is here it doesn’t make outdoor group events very fun. Many were not expecting to see the snow that fell across Central Texas in early December. On days like that, you may wonder where is the best place to host a group event in Austin.

The trick to finding something that everyone in the group will like is looking for a venue that offers a variety of activities. Blazer Tag in south Austin is home to the largest laser tag arena in Texas, but is also home to a very unique indoor ropes course.

High Up in the Sky

Imagine trying out a ropes course that is 20 feet above an arcade. That is possible at Blazer Tag. Trekkers can test their skills in seven different elements featured on the course. It holds up to 10 trekkers at a time, so it’s made for fun group activities. Anyone not participating can encourage trekkers from below.

The course is safe and trekkers are secured by wearing a harness with a sling line rope. Secure shoes with a sole that grips well are required. Trekkers cannot wear shoes that have openings in the toes or heels. Flip flops are not allowed.

After the Trail

For those who are not comfortable with heights, there is still plenty to do at Blazer Tag to keep a group warm during the cold weather. Laser tag for adults is a great way to expend energy, challenge others in the group, and make great memories. It can be competitive by dividing into teams and keeping score or just for the thrill.

Adults who grew up going to the arcade can relive that fun and test their skills among more than 50 different games. This can also become a competitive challenge to see who gets the highest score on a game.

Planning a group event in Austin for friends, family, work, or church can be as easy as calling Blazer Tag. Our team can customize and plan the event for the size of your group and to fit your interests so your group can show up and enjoy a great time.

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