Team Building Activities for Groups

Choosing the Right Team Building Social Activities

Team building activities can be very productive, if they are well-planned. There are several aspects to consider including the purpose of the gathering and the possible interests of the people in the group.

This type of event is popular with businesses to engage employees and bring them together in a more social environment outside of the normal work atmosphere. In a recent survey, 39 percent of employees said people in their organization do not collaborate enough. Bringing people together in a unique way can help people understand one another and start communication. However, team building isn’t restricted for companies. It can be for any purpose, from students of any age to a family or class reunion.

Most importantly, the event should create a great experience so it will be memorable for those attending. Great activities get participants energized and excited. Consider activities that are out of the ordinary and possibly something the participants don’t do often.

Austin Sky Trail

For an adrenaline flowing activity that can also get people to encourage and help one another, there’s the Austin Sky Trail at Blazer Tag. This ropes course is situated 20 feet above an arcade!

With seven different elements, up to 10 trekkers can be on the course at once which is ideal for a small group or for a larger group to break up into smaller groups that can challenge each other.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is not just for kids. It is an excellent way to offer team challenges, strategize, and get energize. This is a good activity that keeps the group communicating during the game. If the event is planned in Austin, Blazer Tag is home to the largest laser tag arena in Texas.

Adult laser tag is becoming so popular that it is nearly surpassing bowling as an American pastime.


If anyone in the group grew up playing video games in the 80’s, planning an event where there are arcade games provides a great flashback for many adults. Blazer Tag has more than 50 games to choose from and the best part is combining this activity with laser tag for adults and the Austin Sky Trail for fun group activities.

Our friendly and knowledgeable event team at Blazer Tag will make planning hassle-free. We can create the ideal event to meet your needs. Call us today to book fun team building activities!

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