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3 Quick Tips for Planning Team Building Social Activities

Team building social activities are a great way for employees to feel engaged in the company and their roles. Studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of engaged employees are less likely to leave their companies and they achieve two times the annual net income.

Whether the office is a small team or a large group of employees, finding ideas for team building events that work for everyone can be a challenge. Before planning an event, consider these three quick tips to organize an activity that will benefit everyone.

Get the Team Involved from the Beginning

It may seem impossible to please different personalities, but if you involve the team from the beginning, it will be easier to plan an event that most employees will value. This gets the team working together from the beginning and builds excitement to enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

Be sure to set expectations from the beginning for the intent of the activity. When brainstorming for event ideas, encourage collaboration and not competition. With nearly 5 million laser tag experiences every year, adult laser tag is a great example of how a team can do something fun while working together. Also, make the event annual so it will be something they look forward to beyond their work duties.

Get Away from Working at the Office

As a business owner or manager, the hours that employees are working to generate revenue for the company are valued. It can be hard to consider stopping work during the day, but think about it as an investment back into the business by rewarding employees for working hard.

Hold the event during work hours so the team truly gets a break from the daily routine. It also helps if the event is held offsite to give employees a change of scenery, especially for employees who do not get the opportunity to leave the building during the day. Planning an exciting indoor event, like the Austin Sky Trail, ensures you can still have a fun event no matter what the weather.

Follow-Up After the Fun

Don’t just hold an event then go back to the daily grind. Follow-up with the team the next workday and also a few days after. Find out what they liked or didn’t like about the event. Encourage them to think how it helped them reach the goal of the event and how they can translate that into the work they are doing.

As you consider ideas for corporate team building activities, contact the event planning team at Blazer Tag. We can help you plan every detail of the event from exciting adventures on the Austin Sky Trail to adult laser tag and enjoying time in the arcade. Take some steps out of planning and let our team do the work, so your team has all the fun.

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